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We contributes effectively to the development of the poultry industry and find solutions to various problems for the prosperity of this industry.

Supply Sufficiently

We are working on providing valuable solutions and national products have international quality specifications in order to build trust in the national product.


Building mutually profitable relationships with valued customer is the most important priorities In order to achieve this.

CarePharma In Years

In 2005: the company began marketing the national and imported products for testing the market and discovering most important problems of market and the needs of customers and their ambitious himenaeos.
In 2006: establishment of the company’s factory (carepharma group) and private products for a company in the field of feed additives Which has been providing a good solutions for some poultry production problems.
In 2009: And During that period the company with aid of specialists in research and development to produce a Local products to compete in quality and price this of foreign products.
In 2010: Surge in sales of the company’s products arising from this development, this development and success meet the need of local market and prompting customers to gain confidence in the Local Products.
In 2014: the Permanent keen of company on customers satisfaction, the company get the help of experts in marketing and administration for the development of administrative and technical performance of the company, which contributed to the continued success.
In 2015: The company seeking for set up a factory for the production of pharmaceutical Products to meet the diversity in the national market.

Why Us?

Efficiency, quality and Sustainability
Efficiency, quality and Sustainability

Our Products

Entrocare plus

Potent Anti- Clostridia medication It has specific molecules that kill clostridium perfringens by entering its cell… [read more]

Megamune Immune stimulant

Has specific formula that boosting and stimulating immune system , improve phagocytosis and prevent spread of… [read more]


Proved to be fully effective against numerous field isolates and strains,some of which were highly resistant to other… [read more]


Pulmocare has  mucolytic effect :increase secretion of serous mucus in Respiratory tract. make mucus thinner and less… [read more]